Ski Sled

The Ski Sled is easily removed from its own wall mounted wipe clean storage bag in an emergency by pulling the velcro flap.

It is ideally suited for patient, resident or immobile person with a high body mass, with a manufacturer’s recommended maximum load of 160kg with a minimum of 2 rescuers. The Ski Sled has a safe load tested weight of up to 240kg which is considerably higher than most of the similar products currently on the market. You should liaise with your manual handling advisor about forming a policy on how many staff should be available to use this product.

The occupant is simply transferred to the Ski Sled by rolling them to their side, placing the Ski Sled beneath them and the mattress (if on bed) then rolling them back onto the sled, wrapped in their bedding and secured with the 3 seat belt style straps and can then be quickly pulled to safety.

The foam pad and the internal nylon support struts give protection to the occupant from bumps and bruises; it is ideal for use in nursing homes or hospitals as well as many other environments such as schools, offices, hotels etc… where non-ambulant people (such as wheelchair users) require assistance to evacuate from a building. It is relatively easy to transfer someone from a wheelchair onto a Ski Sled requiring no direct lifting.

The tough slippery base material enables the occupant to be moved easily over virtually any surface; indoors or outdoors.

The narrow width and flexibility allows the occupant to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors (Horizontal Evacuation) and down narrow stairs (Vertical Evacuation).

Beware of imitations; you cannot afford for your evacuation aid to fail when in use. Ski Sleds are fitted with IMMI approved buckles and are fully CE Certified.

How to Use the Ski Sled;

  1. The occupant (if in bed) is wrapped in their bedding.
  2. Pillows or bedding are place on the occupant chest and legs before strapping.
  3. Fasten buckles over the occupant and tighten straps as tight as possible forming the Ski Sled into ‘∪’ shape.
  4. Slide off the mattress (if on bed) using the large loop pull handle at each end of the Ski Sled. There is no need to lift, just guide and control the Ski Sled, foot end first off the mattress, and let gravity do the work.
  5. Pull the occupant to safety once on the floor.
  6. On stairs very little pull is required to move the Ski Sled.


Certified Training Courses Can Be Arranged