The ResQmat comes with full CE Certification and can be used to evaluate patient, resident or an immobile person during an emergency, particularly in a multi-storey building when lifts cannot be used in case of a fire. The ResQmat is stored in a highly visible bag which has three velcro sides making it easy to open in a hurry and easily taken to where the patient or resident is in need of help. It also has easy to following pictorial instructions on the front so in an emergency it is easy to see how to use the ResQmat.

The four wide velcro straps completely enclose the occupant to help prevent them from reaching out and keeps them safe as they are moved to safety. Suitable for patients or residents who require extra protection to their head in the event of evacuation because of the built-in padding and extra padding under the head, the ResQmat is safe and comfortable for people when going downstairs and over rough surfaces. It will adjust to size so the patient does not slip down inside the ResQmat when going downstairs.

When putting the patient/resident on the top place their head on the pillow with their shoulders close to the edge of the pillow. The oversize pillow is to protect the patient’s head when going around corners. The narrow width and flexibility allow the occupant to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors (Horizontal Evacuation) and down narrow stairs (Vertical Evacuation).

Arms and legs wrapped inside the Rescue Sheet – reducing the possibility of patients grabbing at things or undoing the Velcro straps. Pulling straps at both ends – lighter for the Carers to pull from the feet, but they can pull from either end or use the head pulling strap when descending stairs. Adjusts to the height of patient to stop them slipping inside the Rescue Sheet – especially important when going down stairs feet first.

How to Use the ResQmat
  • Undo the velcro at either top corner of the bag to quickly remove the ResQmat.
  • Remove the strap that is around the ResQmat and unfolds the ResQmat.
  • The occupant is wrapped in their bedding (if in bed).
  • Secure velcro straps over the occupant.
  • Slide off the mattress using the side foot straps of the ResQmat (if in bed). There is no need to lift, just guide and control the ResQmat, foot end first of the mattress, and let gravity do the work.
  • Pull the occupant to safety once on the floor.
  • On stairs, very little pull is required to move the ResQmat.
  • Using the end pulling handles the patient/resident can be moved to a safe area. When going down satirs it is important to pull the patient/resident foot end first.

Note: Do not leave the empty bag where someone could slip or fall on it.

Certified Training Courses Can Be Arranged.