Moving People Training

The People Moving and Manual Handling course will provide learners with the knowledge and skill to conduct handling and moving of residents/patients, with the use of equipment and recommended best methods and techniques, in a manner which is safe for themselves and their residents/patients. The course will also inform learners about the results of moving and handling residents/patients incorrectly, with an emphasis on independent living and how residents/patients and staff can be safe in this regard.

Course Aims;
  • Learners will know the concept of People Moving and Manual Handling.
  • Learners will know the extent of back pain and its causes.
  • Know how to lift and carry animate and inanimate loads safely.
  • To highlight measures to reduce manual handling through organisational solutions, such as reduced loads or assisted people handling and manual handling techniques and the use of mechanical devices.
Course Objectives;
  • Give learners the ability to;
    • Recognise unsafe and hazardous lifting situations.
    • Carry out a people moving and manual handling risk assessment.
    • Understand and apply the 8 principles of safe lifting.
    • Understand the relevant manual handling legislation in Ireland.
    • Understand the basic anatomy of the spine.
    • How to utilise measures to reduce common manual handling injuries in the workplace.
  • To ensure employers are compliant with the relevant legislation.
Pre-Course Requirements;
  • English is the language in which training is delivered and learners must have fluency in English.
  • Please let us know if learners have any specific learner requirements.
  • Learners should wear appropriate clothing for an interactive and practical course.
Course Programme;
  • Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.
  • General Application Regulations 2007.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Musculoskeletal System.
  • Anatomy, Structure & Function of the Spine.
  • Posture.
  • 8 Principles of Safe Handling.
  • Safe Handling Techniques.
  • 5 basic Manual Handling lifts.
  • Maintaining fitness.
  • Practical people moving and manual handling techniques.
  • Log rolling.
  • Sitting patient up in bed (3 techniques).
  • Turning patient/resident in bed using sliding sheets.
  • Moving patient/resident up the bed using sliding sheets.
  • Sitting Patient/resident to edge of a bed.
  • Sit to stand and stand to sit.
  • Transferring patient/resident from bed to chair using various methods.
  • The falling patient/resident.
  • Use of hoists.
Training Methods;
  • Classroom-based power-point presentation.
  • Video.
  • Demonstration and practice.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, learners will receive a Phoenix STS Certificate of Completion.
  • Course refresher is recommended after 3 years unless there has been a major change to the employee’s duties that require additional manual handling.
Who Should Attend This Course?
  • Anyone who is involved in the moving and handling of residents/patients, all staff engaged in people moving activities such as nursing staff and carers during their working day.
  • Companies will be required to supply equipment for this training course, wheelchair, hoist, bed/profiling bed, etc…
  • All learners should be working in a healthcare setting.
  • All learners should be 18 years of age or over, be in good health and have a general fitness level.

1 Day.

Maximum Learners;
  • 8 Learners to 1 Instructor.
  • 12 Learners to 2 Instructors.