The Nursing Home (Designated Centre) Fire Safety Procedures Course is a highly interactive fire safety awareness training course designed for staff working within a Residential Care setting. This fire safety training course will provide learners with the knowledge on the procedures to be followed in a Nursing Home in the event of an outbreak of fire, including the use of evacuation aids such as Ski Evacuation Sheets and Ski Pads, the course also trains staff on the safe use of portable fire extinguishers. The training is delivered in line with the requirements of a Fire Safety Thematic Inspection process.

What is a “Fire Safety Thematic Inspection”?
A Fire Safety Thematic Inspection is used when we want to examine the teaching of fire safety procedures or issues in a given environment.

Evacuation training is conducted using our evacuation aids; this ensures your equipment is not damaged when staff are training on evacuation procedures. Rescue training dummies are used for the safety of staff and to encourage maximum participation in all drills.

The course also includes a module where timed fire drills are carried out for all staff attending.

The course is conducted in accordance with;

  • Health Act 2007 (Care and Welfare of Residents in Designated Centres for Older People) Regulations 2013; (Regulation 28)
  • Fire Services Act 1981 (2003)
  • Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • General Application Regulations 2007
  • Fire Safety in Existing Nursing Homes and Similar Type Premises
  • HTM 84 Fire Risk Assessment in Residential Care Premises
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment Residential Care Premises
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Care Homes
Course Aims
  • To provide healthcare fire safety training
  • To ensure the safety of staff, residents and visitors
  • The prevention of fire in a Nursing Home
Course Objectives
  • To enable staff to fulfil their role effectively
  • To train staff in the safe use of evacuation aids and portable fire extinguishers
  • To ensure staff know the steps to follow in a fire emergency
  • To ensure adequate fire safety procedures are in place and maintained at all times
  • To raise staff awareness in the prevention of fire
Who Should Attend This Course?

All staff working in a Nursing Home

Pre-Course Requirements
  • English is the language in which training is delivered, and learners must have fluency in English
  • The learner must have a current certificate for people moving and handling for practical use of evacuation aids (Modules 4 and 5 Only)
  • Non-clinical staff require a current manual handling certificate
  • Please let us know if learners have any specific learner requirements
Course Programme

The course is 20% theory and 80% practical

  • Module 1 – Bespoke fire safety classroom presentation
  • Module 2 – Practical use of fire extinguishers
  • Module 3 – Unit fire safety familiarisation
  • Module 4 – Practical evacuation training with evacuation aids
  • Module 5 – Timed Fire drills
Our Tutors

All our tutors hold a minimum QQI Level 8 in their subject matter, a Train the Trainer QQI Level 6 or higher and are also Evacuation Aid Instructors. The tutor working with your staff is experienced in healthcare fire safety and will detail all the essential duties and roles of staff within a residential care setting.

Training Methods
  • Bespoke classroom-based power-point presentation
  • Workshops
  • Demonstration and practice

The course assesses learners in the safe use of evacuation aids, the correct selection and use of fire extinguishers and the procedures taken in timed fire drills.


1 Year

Maximum Number of Learners



3.5 Hours

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