The Medi-Evac Mat has been designed for use in confined areas, where space is limited, such as congested hospital wards, nursing homes, and buildings with narrow corridors or single width fire doors. Similar in design to that of the popular Bariatric Evacmat, the Medi-Evac Mat’s tough, slippery Polyethylene base board allows it to be moved easily over indoor and outdoor surfaces for both horizontal and vertical evacuation.

Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises placing the onus upon the business owner, and changes in the ‘Disability Act’ – which now states that everyone must have the same right of evacuation in an emergency.

Standard Features
  • Securely cocoons the user for a greater sense of security while being moved – especially useful with users who may display challenging behaviour while being evacuated due to dementia or mental illness.
  • The tough baseboard enables the Medi-Evac Mat to be moved over any surface – indoor or outdoor.
  • Adjustable length to accommodate users of varying heights.
  • Three securing straps with heavy-duty plastic buckles.
  • Multiple positioning handles with head and foot end pulling handles.
  • Internal pillow
  • Wall mountable self-contained in its own storage bag
  • Easy clean after use.
  • Packed: 51cm x 25cm x 24cm
  • Unrolled: 145cm x 240cm
  • Base: Polyethylene board
  • Material: Flame retardant anti-bacterial PVC
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Working load limit: 160kg

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