Med Sled rigid evacuation sledges enable the vertical and horizontal evacuation of persons from multi-storey buildings and confined space areas, without the need for heavy lifting by rescuers. Featuring a patented perimeter tether and the unique stairwell braking system, operators can safely move individuals 2 or 3 times their own body weight down several flights of stairs.

Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises placing the onus upon the business owner, and changes in the ‘Disability Act’ – which now states that everyone must have the same right of evacuation in an emergency.

Standard Features
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Enables ‘send and receive’ stair evacuation helping to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries to the operator
  • Patented perimeter tether provides stabilisation when descending stairs or lowering from a bed
  • The stairwell braking system for a safe controlled stair descent
  • Three securing cross straps with metal side release buckles (plastic buckles on First Call funeral sled)
  • Foot-end T-strap for extra security
  • Safe working load: 120kg for two people (when not using the braking system)
  • Easy clean after use

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